Beta update – 19 Feb, 2023 @ 20:31 UTC

  • Added some weapon-specific model state changes to reloading several weapons and firing the chainsaw.
  • Fixed a bug where the workshop uploader would see every file as empty when trying to gather metadata. Opening the game on the beta branch will automatically try to fix any addons you published that are affected by this. There are messages in the developer console if the game is trying to fix the metadata for one of your addons. Symptoms include the addon being incorrectly tagged as “Other”, the stats website showing the addon name instead of a mission name for leaderboards, and the text “Invalid Campaign/Mission/Challenge” showing up anywhere.
  • Modified the VScript function ClientPrint to take up to 4 format parameters. These replace %s1 through %s4 on the client in the message string (after translation).