Beta update – 18 May, 2023 @ 00:35 UTC

The beta branch has been updated with a work-in-progress version of the new main menu layout.

The new main menu is not finished, and we are aware of several issues:

  • The Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces leaderboard in the top right is not laid out properly.
  • The buttons along the top do not function. (Quit works, but you will have to go off of the beta branch temporarily to change settings or view inventory from the main menu.)
  • Several small icons are missing, as well as the texture for the background of the ticker at the bottom.
  • The commander profile area in the top left is not yet rendered.
  • The featured news item has no title or icon assigned.

Additionally, the following changes have been made in this update:

  • Fixed the wrong music playing in the Research 7 and Illyn Forest missions.
  • Changed the default value of rd_chatwipe to not clear chat messages.

The following changes are also live on the public default branch as of a hotfix earlier today:

  • Fixed a missing particle effect warning when a sentry explodes.
  • Fixed one of the parasite jump sounds not playing.
  • Reduced the number of points granted for the Tower Defense ASBI challenge in Heroes of the Interstellar Armed Forces. (this change went out yesterday)
  • Added a VScript hook for challenges to modify or suppress chat messages per recipient: string OnReceivedTextMessage( handle recipient, handle sender, string message ) // return null to suppress the message (note: this function was temporarily named OnSentTextMessage)