Beta update – 18 May, 2019 @ 17:03 UTC

Prevent displaying of computer interface if asw_simple_hacking 1
Computer hacks, such as the computer at the end of Landing Bay, will
no longer show a UI for hacking if asw_simple_hacking is set to 1. By element109.

Suppress weapon stats missing message
When setting “rd_weapons_show_hidden 1” messages display in
console just changed to DevMsg. By element109.

Add new VScript Functions


void TakeDamageParams( handle inflictor, handle attacker, handle weapon, Vector vecDmgForce, Vector vecDmgPosition, float amount, int dmgType ) //Causes the entity to take damage with additional parameters


int GetAttachmentBone( int id ) //Gets the bone for an attachment

int GetBodygroup( int group ) //Get the bodygroup

string GetBodygroupName( int group ) //Get the name of the bodygroup

string GetBodygroupPartName( int group, int part ) //Get the part name of the bodygroup

Vector GetBoneAngles( int bone_id ) //Get the bone id’s angles

Vector GetBoneOrigin( int bone_id ) //Get the bone id’s origin vector

float GetModelScale() //Get scale of entity’s model

int GetSequence() //Get the active sequence

string GetSequenceActivityName( int sequence_id ) //Get the activity name of the sequence

float GetSequenceDuration( int sequence_id ) //Returns the duration in seconds of the passed sequence

string GetSequenceName( int sequence_id ) //Returns the name of the sequence

int LookupActivity( string name ) //Get the named activity id

int LookupBone( string name ) //Get the named bone id

int LookupSequence( string name ) //Get the named sequence id

void ResetSequence( int sequence_id ) //Sets the active sequence, resetting the current cycle

void SetModelScale( float scale, float changeDuration ) //Sets the model’s scale with change duration

float SetPoseParameter( string name, float value ) //Set the specified pose parameter to the specified value

void SetSequence( int sequence_id ) //Sets the active sequence, keeping the current cycle

void StopAnimation() //Stop the current animation by setting playback rate to 0.0


bool SwitchWeapon( int slot ) //Make the marine switch to a weapon


void Disable() //Disable the trigger

void Enable() //Enable the trigger

bool IsTouching( handle entity ) //Checks whether the passed entity is touching the trigger


void ChangeLevel( string mapname ) //Tell engine to change level

void FadeClientVolume( handle player, float fadePercent, float fadeOutSeconds, float holdTime, float fadeInSeconds ) //Fade out the client’s volume level toward silence (or fadePercent)

string GetClientXUID( handle player ) //Get the player’s xuid (i.e. SteamID64)

void GetPlayerConnectionInfo( handle player, table ) //Returns a table containing the player’s connection info

bool IsModelPrecached( string modelname ) //Checks if the modelname is precached

void ScreenFade( handle player, int red, int green, int blue, int alpha, float fadeTime, float fadeHold, int flags ) //Start a screenfade with the following parameters

void ScreenShake( Vector vecCenter, float flAmplitude, float flFrequency, float flDuration, float flRadius, int eCommand, bool bAirShake ) //Start a screenshake with the following parameters

Updated ClientPrint(): If you pass null instead of a valid player handle, it will now send the message to all clients.


int GetNumElements( handle entity, string outputName ) //Returns the number of array elements

void GetOutputTable( handle entity, string outputName, table, int arrayElement ) //Returns a table of output information

bool HasAction( handle entity, string outputName ) //Returns true if an action exists for the output

bool HasOutput( handle entity, string outputName ) //Returns true if the output exists