Beta update – 18 May, 2019 @ 13:11 UTC

Fix grenades collide with doors during open or close animation
Grenades previously were exploding on contact with air in door frames
when the door was opening or closing. Now grenades correctly fly through
the door frame and only collide with the door itself.
This didn’t happen to rifle grenades, but to grenade launcher, vindicator,
freeze and hand grenades.

Add rd_grenade_launcher_explode_on_contact cvar
If set to 0 grenade will not explode on contact with rigid world.
However grenades will explode on contact with aliens

Add rd_grenade_launcher_num_clusters cvar

Fix leader crown is not displayed during briefing when autoready is on

Remove blood effects from Grenade Launcher grenades
Previously grenade when flying in air would emit blood because it was
damaged by explosions from other grenades.

Fix rich presence for clients who play on dedicated servers without lobby info
Previously clients who play on dedicated server that has
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 were displaying incorrect Steam rich status.

Prevent grenades to fly into the sky in place after the biomass block on TimorStation

Fix several minor issues in bonus_mission7

Add rd_interpenetrating_entities_warning cvar

Add several fence models to lights.rad

Make ChaseNearestMarine() VScript function wake alien if it is asleep
Previously this function did nothing if alien was far from marines and
was sleeping.

Add rd_clearhouse_on_mission_complete cvar
If 1 all NPCs will be removed from map on round end

Add rd_workshop_update_every_round cvar
If 1 dedicated server will check for workshop items during each mission
restart(workshop.cfg will be executed). If 0, workshop items will only update
once during server startup

Add soundscapes_rd-bonus_mission7.txt for bonus_mission7