Beta update – 18 Jul, 2021 @ 20:27 UTC

– Fix two stuck points on TimorStation
– Fix stuck point on StorageFacility
– Add back units for marines on DesertOutpost
– Fix bright decal on bonus_mission3
– Remove clip brush on RoadToDawn, add pallet bridge to exit stuck area
– Fix nodegraph and stuck point on LandingBay
– Improve nodegraph on Rydberg

– Mark asw_marine_rolls and some others as cheat cvar
– Fix addonlist_workshop.txt gets reset if Steam cloud is disabled
– Add support for negative firesource damage
– Allow enabling the asw_broadcast_camera for specified player index. This commit adds EnableForPlayerIndex(integer) input for asw_broadcast_camera. Player index can be obtained by using !activator which is hMarine in the code below: local playerindex = hMarine.GetCommander().GetPlayerUserID().tointeger() – 1;
– Fix multiple marine resources could be inhabited by the same player. This caused bugs in code that assumes that only one marine resource can be inhabited by a player.
– Fix drone warping through marines on ASBI. Warping through marines happened with asw_drone_acceleration 10.
– Restore higher drone acceleration for ASBI challenge
– Add rd_horde_from_exit ConVar. If set to 0 hordes and wanderers cannot spawn in map exit zone. 1 by default.
– Make baits invisible when sentry is deployed.
– Make rd_slowmo non-cheat ConVar
– Make shaman emit pain and death sounds(silent by default). These sounds can be implemented by workshop addons currently.
– Add rd_grub_health ConVar. Also fix an issue that grubs are not instantly squashed by marines stepping on them.
– Add rd_shaman_healing_speed ConVar. Number of health shaman gives per second. 0 means old behavior, shaman heals ~40% of max health in 1 second. 0 by default.
– Add rd_console_debug_xp ConVar to toggle xp messages in console
– Add vscript function TraceLineTable like L4D2. See Signature : void TraceLineTable(table)
– Add rd_medgun_medkit_refill_amount ConVar. If set to value greater that 0 then healgun will be refilled when medkit is picked up. Prevents heal guns from being destroyed on empty
– Allow ASBI RNG3 and ASBI Turbo in leaderboards
– Add garagedoor_open_twosided.mdl
– Fix tft2AbandonedMaintenance has a gray wall instead of entrance
– Add marine_anims.mdl. This can be used as a base for marine animations.
– Update femalemarine.mdl to fix issue with hand animations

Update CNetPropManager for VScript
– Fixed being able to access out-of-memory data when searching for props.
– Added an optional method to search only the SendTable or DataMap for a prop. Example: “SendTable.<propname>” or “DataMap.<propname>”
– Added support for accessing props inside an array.
– Updated GetPropType to return “bool” or “instance” instead of only returning “integer” for boolean and EHandle props.
– Added the following new script functions:
GetPropBool( entity, propertyName )
GetPropBoolArray( entity, propertyName, arrayElement )
SetPropBool( entity, propertyName )
SetPropBoolArray( entity, propertyName, value, arrayElement )
GetPropInfo( entity, propertyName, arrayElement, table ) //Fills in a passed table with property info for the provided entity
GetTable( entity, iPropType, table ) //Fills in a passed table with all props of a specified type for the provided entity (set iPropType to 0 for SendTable or 1 for DataMap)

Update CScriptEntityOutputs for VScript
– Added the following new script functions:
AddOutput( entity, outputName, targetName, inputName, parameter, delay, timesToFire )
RemoveOutput( entity, outputName, targetName, inputName, parameter )