Beta update – 18 Apr, 2018 @ 21:57 UTC

Fix bots getting stuck in sentries

Fix missing Cvar dedicated server warning
– Fixes the “ConVarRef rd_weapons_regular_class_unrestricted doesn’t point to an existing ConVar” warning for dedicated servers.

Add asw_weapon_gas_grenade

Add asw_weapon_medrifle

Add 7th promotion(do not promote yet, it’s locked to 6).

Add asw_weapon_heavy_rifle

Add new VScript functions
– GetLocalOrigin() //Returns the Entity position in the world relative to the parent as a vector
– SetLocalOrigin( Vector position ) //Moves the entity to this global position vector relative to the parent
CASW_Alien & CASW_Buzzer
– ElectroStun( float duration ) //Stuns the alien
– Freeze( float freezeTime ) //Freezes the alien
– DropFragGrenade( float damage, float radius, Vector position ) //Drops a frag grenade
– DropIncendiaryGrenade( float damage, float radius, Vector position ) //Drops an incendiary grenade
– DropStunGrenade( float damage, float radius, Vector position ) //Drops a stun grenade
– weapon_fire //Event fires when a marine fires a weapon
– weapon_offhand_activate //Event fires when a marine activates offhand item
Add DropGasGrenade() function

Fix alien_selection SizeScale for asw_drone_uber

Increase level cap to 34 to accommodate the 3 new weapons

Add couple CHATTER_GRENADE lines for Wildcat