Beta update – 17 Sep, 2023 @ 19:07 UTC

The beta branch has been updated with the following changes. They will not be included in tomorrow’s release; the patch notes above have not changed.

  • Moved main menu Steam notification pop-ups down a few pixels to not cover the quit button.
  • In singleplayer, the game will now pause when a controller is unplugged.
  • Added options tabs to the settings menu. Text currently shows placeholders.
  • The +use command now considers a button or computer area to be the visible panel prop rather than the invisible trigger for the purpose of determining whether it is being aimed at.
  • Aim assist no longer targets neutral combine scanners.
  • Mines (both laser and incendiary) are no longer triggered by invulnerable NPCs.
  • Bullets fired by non-marines can now be avoided by rolling. (Matches bullets fired by marines.)
  • Challenge/debugging/cheat convar changes:
    • asw_grenade_launcher_speed: Removed. This convar did not do anything previously.
    • asw_grenade_launcher_velocity: New. Adjusts speed of grenade launcher grenades. If you edit this in a challenge, you may need to edit asw_grenade_launcher_gravity as well.
    • rd_grenade_launcher_grenade_preview: Arc preview no longer persists for several frames, causing a ghosting effect.
    • rd_grenade_launcher_far_below_distance: New. Threshold for rd_grenade_launcher_far_below_arc_modifier to be applied. Compares Z coordinate of the grenade launcher with the Z coordinate of the crosshair target.
    • rd_grenade_launcher_far_below_arc_modifier: New. Time value to force grenades being fired “far below” to use when calculating launch angle. Higher values result in a taller arc.
    • rd_drone_flinch_resets_attack: New. Set to 1 to revert the bug fix for drones being able to attack immediately after a flinch even if their previous attack would not have finished. If you set this in a challenge, consider setting asw_drone_attack_speed_on_fire to the value of asw_drone_attack_speed (default 1.25) as well.