Beta update – 17 Mar, 2023 @ 01:38 UTC

  • Tears for Tarnor: Oasis Colony Spaceport: Reduced edict usage and slightly improved render speed by combining props at locations where the main path through the level intersects.
  • Tilarus-5: SynTek Hospital: Greatly reduced edict usage of lighting. Reduced network traffic from landing pad lights.
  • env_sprite_clientside can now inherit its color and render settings from a networked env_sprite.
  • X33 Damage Amplifier: Fixed this equipment showing the stats for L3A Tactical Heavy Armor in the Swarmopedia.
  • Fixed restart votes after a tech failure showing the tech failure message.
  • Xenomites jumping no longer show the caption for parasites jumping.
  • Fixed a crash when an infestation was cured by v45 Electric Charged Armor placed in the level editor.