Beta update – 17 Jul, 2018 @ 19:46 UTC

Update description of rm_prespawn_num_* cvars

Set rd_increase_difficulty_by_number_of_marines to be 0 by default. Game difficulty will not be increased for 5+ players

Add mute button to player list window(F9). Thanks to element109 for the initial pull request.

Add VScript Functions to Get info_node Data.
InfoNodes.GetNumNodes() //Returns the amount of info_nodes in the network array
InfoNodes.GetNodeOrigin( int nodeID ) //Returns the origin of the node
InfoNodes.GetNodePosition( int nodeID, int hull ) //Returns the hull specific origin of the node
InfoNodes.GetNodeType( int nodeID ) //Returns the type of node

(Temporary for testing)Bots can be selected from a player by another player from lobby