Beta update – 17 Jan, 2022 @ 02:43 UTC

This list of changes includes everything since the last public build (July 2021). If all goes well, this beta will become a public release in one week (23rd January 2022).

Map Changes
  • Fixed a navigation issue near an optional supply room in Rydberg.
  • The fire extinguisher near the end of Rydberg now uses the new temporary pickup mechanic.

  • Fixed the stats option in briefing going to an obsolete website.
  • Fixed stats not being recorded for the 22A5 Heavy Assault Rifle, IAF Medical SMG, and TG-05 Gas Grenades.

  • Kicking a lobby’s original leader no longer prevents them from creating lobbies for 5 minutes.
  • The lobby creation UI will remember whether the last lobby you created was public or friends-only.
  • Fixed a delay when restarting the mission if a player disconnected during the vote.
  • The “Take a Break” option on the ESC menu is now disabled if the server doesn’t allow it to be used.

Dedicated Server
  • Added rd_adjust_mod_dont_load_vertices, which sets mod_dont_load_vertices on dedicated servers. This prevents the dedicated server from loading the vertices for models, reducing memory usage.
  • Enabled the rm_welcome_message and rm_welcome_message_delay cvars.
  • The server now performs a cleaner shutdown when rd_server_shutdown_after_num_secs is set.
  • Fixed the 64 FPS server limit on Windows 10 build 2004 and newer.
  • Fixed physics simulation issues when the tick rate is changed from the default.
  • Dedicated servers now update workshop items asynchronously at startup.

  • Fixed the heal beacon’s first heal reading uninitialized memory.
  • Fixed a sentry duplication exploit.
  • The game instructor will no longer suggest interacting with disabled button and computer areas.
  • Fix computers that have just been hacked not allowing options other than download data and remote turrets to be selected until the user logs out.
  • Added rd_prediction_strategy. Set this cvar to 1 to test the new prediction error handling, which works better on moving platforms but may be buggy.
  • Bot marines can now use the secondary fire on the IAF Medical SMG.
  • Added rd_biomass_damage_from_explosions for challenges; if set to 1 then biomass will take full damage from explosions.
  • asw_marine_friction, asw_marine_gravity, and asw_sv_maxspeed are now cheat cvars.
  • Fixed some cases where the game would try to write to the files of an unpacked addon rather than its own base directory.
  • If no env_tonemap_controller exists on the level, one will be automatically created and sent the input SetBloomScale 0.25.
  • The director will only warn once about a level not having a nodegraph.
  • Fixed escape chatter happening early if the escape objective was not last on the list.
  • Explicitly failing an optional objective no longer fails the mission.

Modding / SDK
  • Weapons can be set as “temporary”, which makes them use a new weapon slot and forces them to be dropped instead of stowed.
  • Added rd_weapon_generic_object, which can be used for generic carryable objects.
  • Added rd_tilegen_instance for further randomization of tilegen tiles.
  • Added trigger_asw_marine_melee for detecting a melee attack aimed at a target.
  • Added asw_filter_marine_class.
  • Added rd_boss_bar. See for examples of how to use the new entity.
  • Reorganized trigger_asw_computer_area to put related fields closer together in Hammer.
  • Up to 3 cameras and remote turrets can be assigned to a trigger_asw_computer_area. The computer UI still has a limit of 6 options on the menu.
  • Fixed trigger_asw_door_area not using its Start Disabled field.
  • Added a field to trigger_asw_button_area that allows mappers to require a button be held down for an amount of time.
  • Added “Can Player Weld” to asw_door.
  • Added an Extinguish input to asw_alien_goo.
  • Added ResetMarineIntensity and SpawnHordeSoon inputs to asw_director_control.
  • Added OnStartedUsing and OnStoppedUsing outputs to asw_remote_turret.
  • Added outputs for failed fast hacks to trigger_asw_button_area and trigger_asw_computer_area.
  • Corrected the skins for many pickups in Hammer.
  • VRAD now runs with an automatic number of threads by default (previously 4).
  • Added several VScript functions to CDirector.
  • Added support for multi-layer minimaps.
  • Added a JumpUp VScript function for asw_parasite.

CDirector VScript Functions
  • void SpawnHordeSoon() – Queue a horde to spawn soon (the same logic as
    when a hack starts)
  • float GetTimeToNextHorde() – Get the current number of seconds until the
    director will try to spawn a horde
  • void SetTimeToNextHorde(float seconds) – Force the horde countdown timer
    to be set to this number of seconds
  • Vector FindHordePosition(bool north) – Get a random position where a
    horde can spawn (returns null on fail)
  • int IsSpawningHorde() – Get the number of aliens remaining to spawn in
    the current horde

Multi-Layer Minimaps

The AS:RD version works similarly to the CS:GO version, apart from the following changes:

  • The “default” section can be omitted and the previously-existing “material” field is used for any space that does not have a vertical section assigned to it.
  • Instead of “lower” and “higher” in the example being part of the material name, they are the entire material name.
  • If an altitude value is omitted, it takes the largest value (positive or negative) that a coordinate can have in Hammer.

Implementation details:

  • The altitude values correspond to the position of the player’s feet.
  • There is a maximum of 64 “slices”, which can be from 32 to 64 actual layers depending on whether the max matches the next one’s min.
  • This does NOT affect the briefing or ingamebriefing maps, only the minimap.