Beta update – 17 Aug, 2020 @ 10:53 UTC

Fix a security vulnerability in source engine

Fix ‘Out of thread ids’ error for CPUs that have 32+ threads

Improve game time scale changes in the engine

Make asw_target_dummy display results more accurately

Add net_graph 5 support. Won’t draw a red graph if 5

Fix possible crash related to workshop previews

Add rd_auto_fast_restart convar. Set to 1 to restart mission on fail automatically

Fix Bonus Mission 7 tech marine requirement. It was not disabled after last hack was done

Remove demo speedup & host_timescale changes

Make wire hacks more complex in Bonus Mission 1

Add ASBI Weapon Balancing RNG challenges to allowed leaderboards

Make flashlight turn off when marine drops it

Prevent fov_desired setting to 90

Add rd_gas_grenade_ff_dmg cvar. Gas grenade will cause fixed friendly fire damage, 10 dmg per 0.3 seconds.