Beta update – 17 May, 2020 @ 00:32 UTC

Add rd_workshop_debug ConVar
If set to 1(0 by default) workshop addon loading will be printed in

Make asw_cam_marine_pitch server controlled

Add minimap rotation
The mini-map HUD elements in the bottom right corner of the screen are now rotated according to the camera rotation of the player (or the spectated player in spectator mode) – this includes:
map overview, including rotated clipping when out of bounds
objective markers and rectangle areas
minimap drawings
marine markers and facing cones
pda markers
By Ezhik

Add asw_flashlight ConCommand
If server or challenge has rd_allow_flashlight 1 set players can use
asw_flashlight command to toggle flashlight even without having it

Add Flashlight keyboard setting

Make asw_cam_marine_dist server controlled