Beta update – 17 Jun, 2019 @ 00:04 UTC

Fix lines are not drawn in Bonus Mission mission transition screen
Lines between mission 5 and 6, 6 and 7 were not displayed because they
were on the same Y axis

Fix Deathmatch campaign’s mission transition screen
Use galactic map texture instead of DM picture;
Fix coordinates and lines between missions not being drawn;

Rename starting point in Area9800 campaign mission transition screen
Renamed Entry Port to Drop Zone

Add mission_failed game event

Add rd_allow_afk cvar
If set to 0 players cannot use asw_afk command or Esc – Take a Break

Add Bonus Mission 6 and 7 to list of official maps

Set asw_fire_glow to 0
Setting asw_fire_glow to 0 to prevent framerate drops from 200 to 45 fps from fire mines
on maps like Deima(near the first hack), Arctic Infiltration(near the airlock), dm_desert
Lots of asw_dynamic_light entities cause huge framerate decrease when this light lights
sufraces with normal maps, especially displacements with two normal maps

Fix aliens with order AOT_MoveToNearestMarine get stuck in wait for PVS condition
Aliens with AOT_MoveToNearestMarine will follow nearest marine until they rich them
or until their schedule fails for whatever reason. In 2nd case they don’t go to sleep state
and no longer follow the nearest marine. They wait for PVS, for marine to get near them.
Which is what sleep state does too. But since they are awake they prevent director from spawning
hordes if there are more than 25 aliens awake.
This needs to be research more, since AOT_MoveToNearestMarine may degrade server performance
aliens constantly fail to find route to marine.
For now we let the sleep and wait for marines to get near them.

Add SpawnAlienAtWithOrders() C++ function
It will be used to spawn aliens using prespawn functions with order

Add new Convars
rd_draw_marine_health_counter //Display a numeric counter for marine health on the HUD
rd_health_counter_under_marine //Draw a counter of the marine’s current health under the marine?
rd_health_counter_under_marine_alignment //Aligns the health counter under the marine. 0 – Left, 1 – Center, 2 – Right

Add OnGameplayStart VScript Callback
OnGameplayStart() callback will be called when all marines have spawned
and players start to play. Simply define function OnGameplayStart() { … }
in your challenge and it will be executed on mission start.

Add rd_health_counter_under_marine_show_max_health cvar
Should the health counter under the marine also show max health?

Add rd_ammo_counter_under_marine Cvars
rd_ammo_counter_under_marine //Draw an ammo counter of the marine’s active weapon under the marine?

rd_ammo_counter_under_marine_alignment //Aligns the ammo counter under the marine. 0 – Left, 1 – Center, 2 – Right

rd_ammo_counter_under_marine_show_max_ammo //Should the ammo counter under the marine also show max ammo?

Fix ASW_ActivateExtra not triggering weapon_offhand_activate event

Fix health counter remaining visible when local marine is dead

Add GetInventoryTable VScript function, change GetTable
Changed the parameters and return type of a couple functions in favor of performance.
void GetTable( handle entity, table )

Added replacement VScript function
void GetInventoryTable( table ) //Fills the passed table with the marine’s inventory
Added warning when GetInvTable() is used

Add LocalTime VScript function
void LocalTime( table ) //Fills in the passed table with the local system time