Beta update – 15 Sep, 2023 @ 00:44 UTC

The releasecandidate branch has been updated. A release is scheduled for September 18th, 2023 with the following changes:

Here are some fixes for recently-reported bugs and a few map and workshop improvements.

  • IAF HAS42 Devastator: Increased firing sound volume for the player firing the weapon.
  • Fixed end-of-mission stat graph lines being unexpectedly far apart in some cases. (Thanks SJAS)
  • Updated how the Mission Complete screen is rendered to allow supporting more languages.
  • Addons with an autoexec file are now listed on the workshop under the “Config” tag.
  • Going forward, uploading addons with config files in them to the workshop will be limited to autoexec_[addon ID].cfg to avoid collisions between different addons and between addons and user files.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “help” command to limit descriptions to 80 characters. (Thanks ustcywg and Zero)
  • Fixed Bastille only playing one of his two death sounds. (Thanks Beka and krtek2k)
  • Fixed a bug where sv_memlimit would sometimes fail to exit. (Thanks Mithrand)
  • Fixed the asw_jeep entity being unintentionally disabled. (Thanks jhheight)

Tears for Tarnor: Insertion Point
  • Changed how some invisible walls are defined to allow drones to jump over certain rocks but not through cave walls.
  • Increased the height of some invisible walls intended to keep players from being thrown out of the playable space by shieldbugs. (Thanks kubaaa015)
  • Reduced lighting complexity for areas far from the playable space.

Accident 32: Lab Ruins
  • Changed some materials in the starting area.
  • Fixed being able to hear the boss doors closing when the mission starts.
  • The sewer now deals damage over time instead of killing instantly.
  • Added ladders to allow climbing out of the sewer.
  • Added stairs to the area where the harvester spawns in the beginning.
  • Added an area to the west of the big bridge with additional supplies.
  • An ammo stash on the main path has been reduced from 100% full to 60% full to encourage seeking optional supply areas.