Beta update – 15 Jun, 2022 @ 17:56 UTC

  • M73 Twin Pistols: Limited fire rate to 10 per real time second (not affected by adrenaline) in co-op, the same as deathmatch.

  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.

  • Added scanner convars from RDA.
  • Added a button in the player list (F9) to change lobby visibility.
  • The Beta Tester medal is now equippable.

  • Added player.ResurrectMarine().
  • Added entindex and marine fields to the player_deploy_ammo game event.
  • Added tesla_trap_placed, fire_mine_placed, laser_mine_placed, laser_mine_placed, gas_grenade_placed, flare_placed, and rocket_fired game events, all with entindex and marine fields.