Beta update – 14 Dec, 2022 @ 00:50 UTC

  • Fixed +showbudget immediately disabling itself if sv_cheats was 0.
  • When using a controller, the UI hint for the Use Gear Item button is now an icon rather than text.
  • Fixed sentry scan effect rotating when the sentry was returning to its neutral position even if the scan effect was already at the neutral position.
  • Fixed the mission chooser “find more on the workshop” button not doing anything.
  • Added an advanced setting to disable camera shake. If you were previously using asw_camera_shake 0, set rd_camera_shake 1, and if you were previously using asw_camera_shake_forced 0, set rd_camera_shake 0.
  • Added an advanced setting to change the unit of measurement used for distances in the Swarmopedia.
  • Added an advanced setting to force a controller button set (for example, if you want to see xbox buttons while using a playstation controller, you can do that now).

  • func_asw_fade now ignores collisions with grenades by default. A keyvalue has been added to revert this change on a per-entity basis.
  • Updated the first example map to make elements like railings and vault doors fit the current mapping standards.