Beta update – 13 Feb, 2022 @ 01:06 UTC

The beta branch has been updated with additional changes:

  • Fixed an issue where swapping guns would cause the wrong gun’s fire rate delay to activate.
  • Picking up rifle ammo now gives a grenade in addition to the ammo. This affects both the 22A3-1 Assault Rifle and the 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle.
  • Picking up M42 Vindicator ammo now gives a grenade in addition to the ammo.
  • The IAF Personal Healing Kit can heal above the marine’s normal maximum hitpoints at an efficiency of 50%.
  • Increased the 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle’s damage per shot by 2 (from 5 to 7). Fire rate is now improved by the marine’s Engineering skill.
  • l3a Tactical Heavy Armor now blocks a maximum of 35% of damage rather than 20%. Each time a marine takes damage, the damage blocking goes down by 2% to a minimum of 15%. After not taking damage for 2 seconds, the damage blocking goes back up by 2% for every 2 seconds until it is fully restored.
  • Reduced the unscoped fire rate of the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle.
  • Increased the fire rate of the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle when scoped.
  • When scoped, the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle deals additional damage and penetrates additional targets. Terrain is not affected by this damage bonus.
  • Slightly increased walking speed while scoped.

  • rda_hide_backpack and rda_draw_backpack are no longer marked as cheats.
  • Fixed various parts of the UI using different maximum numbers of objectives.
  • Fixed clearing bots in singleplayer leaving their weapon icons visible.

  • Added ApplyEntity to infodecal.
  • Added func_detail_blocker and func_precipitation_blocker.