Beta update – 13 Aug, 2019 @ 14:05 UTC

  • Fix npc_antlion_worker is not properly precached. This was causing framerate drops when npc_antlion_worker was spawned from a spawner for the first time.
  • Add rd_horde_ignore_north_door cvar. If 1 hordes can spawn behind sealed and locked doors to the north from marines. Excluding indestructible doors. 0 by default
  • Fix npc_antlion emits error particle killed in water
    The WaterSurfaceExplosion particle is disabled temporarily. Until it is ported
    from HL2 source code.
  • Fix hordes are blocked by non func_brush brushes. Hordes and wanderers appeared to be blocked by clip or npc_clip brushes which do not actually block the alien movement. Mostly noticeable on Rydberg Reactor finale, where if players are blocking the finale area, hordes and wanderers don’t come from the south, but they should. This now should be fixed.
  • Fix alien eggs don’t take damage from an unarmed grenade
  • Fix marines get stuck in unburrowing aliens. Aliens which spawn from railing or vent could make players stuck in them. Players would take damage and teleport on top of aliens.
    This commit removes the collision between players and aliens while they unburrow.
  • Attempt to fix lag caused by slow motion and adrenaline usage

This beta is backwards compatible, you can be in beta and play on all serves fine, and everyone can join your hosted game too.