Beta update – 11 Oct, 2019 @ 20:34 UTC

Improve English subtitles for Cargo Elevator mission
Commander’s subtitles were missing for Cargo Elevator

Fix rd_ammo_counter_under_marine displaying incorrect clip count for chainsaw

Add override for CASW_Marine::GetInvTable()

Fix Faith and Wildcat models are not using their female textures

Fix friendly fire not counting for Gas Grenades

Add Dedicated Server Browser to the in-game Esc menu

Fix healing effect not stopping when Medical SMG runs out of ammo

Fix second horde fails to spawn if first one failed
Previously when rd_horde_two_sided 1 the second horde would not spawn
if the first horde failed to find spawn position.

Add rd_horde_retry_on_fail cvar
When set to 1 will retry to spawn horde from opposite direction if
previous direction spawn failed.

Improve wanderer spawn ability
If wanderer can’t spawn from north from marines location, game will
try to spawn it from south. This makes holdouts like on Rydberg
Reactor near airlock more interesting.

Disable ‘Could not AllocSound()’ spam in console
This message was produced bymissing danger sound for asw_buzzer.
The full error message is:
Could not AllocSound() for InsertSound() (Game DLL)

Disable rd_networked_mouse cvar
Many players asked to remove this cvar.
Arguments for:
– New players can’t learn if they don’t see how players move mouse
– Can’t find cheating players which use high camera distance or autoaim
Arguments against:
– Mouse movements jitter when watching demo file.
Watching demo file issue can be worked around by using these commands:
sv_cheats 1
asw_cam_marine_shift_enable 0
hidehud 256

Fix rockets target npc_cscanner
On mission Smart Bomb’s rockets target npc_cscanner.
Noticeable is mission Hostile Places

Make alien eggs smoothly animated on small interp
Add extra 0.1 interpolation to asw_egg as it is done for alien classes.
Previously alien eggs had choppy animations with cl_interp 0 on client.

Remove NPC_CScanner.DeployMine sound precaching from npc_scanner
Previously it was giving an error in console.

Remove dots in Lana’s Escape objective titles
And rename Area 9800 objective to Secure the Hangar

Add cvars for Grenade Launcher grenade arm time
rd_grenade_launcher_arm_time 0 Time in seconds until grenade launcher
grenade is armed and can explode.
rd_grenade_launcher_projectile_direct_dmg 256 The direct damage
caused by non exploded grenade from GL.
Also fixed freeze grenades were affected by

Fix stuck point in bonus_mission5 and par3close_contact

Prevent grenades to fly into the sky on TimorStation
In place where the 3rd harvester is, near destroyable rocks.

Fix sound issues on til8ComCenter
total_channels == MAX_CHANNELS spam in console was caused by map having a lot
asw_alien_goo which has a looping sounds enabled. All these looping sounds
are playing at any place on map consuming sound channels.
Use snd_show 1 to discover the sounds.

Fix npc_antlion_worker is not properly precached
This was causing framerate drops when npc_antlion_worker was spawned
from a spawner for the first time.

Add rd_horde_ignore_north_door cvar
If 1 hordes can spawn behind sealed and locked doors to the north from marines.
Excluding indestructible doors. 0 by default

Fix sound issues on bonus_mission7
total_channels == MAX_CHANNELS spam in console was caused by map having a lot
asw_alien_goo which has a looping sounds enabled. All these looping sounds
are playing at any place on map consuming sound channels.
Use snd_show 1 to discover the sounds.

Fix a few minor issue on til4area9800

Fix npc_antlion emits error particle killed in water
The WaterSurfaceExplosion particle is disabled temporarily. Until it is ported
from HL2 source code.

Fix hordes are blocked by non func_brush brushes
Hordes and wanderers appeared to be blocked by clip or npc_clip brushes which
do not actually block the alien movement. Mostly noticeable on Rydberg Reactor
finale, where if players are blocking the finale area, hordes and wanderers
don’t come from the south, but they should. This now should be fixed.

Fix alien eggs don’t take damage from an unarmed grenade

Fix marines get stuck in unburrowing aliens
Aliens which spawn from railing or vent could make players stuck in them.
Players would take damage and teleport on top of aliens.
This commit removes the collision between players and aliens while they unburrow.

Make asw_grub smoothly animated at low interp

Fix lag caused by adrenaline usage

Fix horde stuck in generator on ASI-Jac3-Rydberg
Sometimes horde could get stuck in generator model. Right after the
first stairs.

Prevent awarding Hardcore achievement if player’s marine didn’t survive

Update Polish translation, by Bounty

Improve onslaught aliens spawning conditions
Prevented hordes and wanderers from spawning behind closed gates like near
Landing Zone start(func_movelinear) and High Tension’s near first holdout
area(func_door). And behind biomass which blocks aliens movement.

Fix Bonus Mission 2 starting area being too dark

Fix several spawners in area9800LZ

Fix objectives icons in ASI-Jac4-Residential

Add support for new loadout editor, by element109

Show message when overlay is disabled

Fix minor visual artifacts on LandingBay_01

Improve nodegraph in par3close_contact

Fix several visual artifacts on ASI-Jac4-Residential

Replace sounds with soundscapes in bonus_mission6
This should prevent overflowing of sound channels.

Decrease Devastator ammo cost to 60% of ammo drop

Make Devastator’s pellets affected by marine’s piercing bonus

Add rd_devastator_dynamic_bullet_spread cvar
Disabled by default. If set to 1 crouching will decrease bullet spread for

Restore awake aliens limits for ASBI challenge to defaults