Beta update – 11 Jun, 2022 @ 23:21 UTC

  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Fixed some drones moving at 1.5x the intended speed.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Fixed director parasites spawning underground.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Inverted colors of generator health bar to avoid confusion.
  • Research 7: Illyn Forest: Replaced a dynamic light with static lighting to improve frame rate.
  • Paranoia: Crucial Point: Fixed aliens near the end of the mission getting stuck.

  • Added rd_buzzer_blur convar as a method of disabling blurpoison effects for computers that don’t handle it well.

  • Temporary weapons (except for generic objects and extra weapons) can now be picked up in an empty primary or secondary slot.

  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Fixed inventory item data that appears on the Steam Community always being shown in English ingame.

  • The in-game HoIAF leaderboard now shows Steam friends and has a button to open the website.

  • Fixed SetSpeedModSpeed input not working on marines.

Beta clients can currently connect to live servers and vice versa. Maps that have been updated require both the client and the server to be on the same build of the game.