Beta update – 10 Sep, 2022 @ 18:19 UTC

  • IAF Minigun: Fixed reloading with an odd ammo count resulting in 499/500 ammo.

  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Japanese translation.

  • Changed how animated props are networked. Reverted the change in the last update that makes the server drive animations. Instead, specific props are always visible to the client regardless of distance. Joining a game after an animation has started will play animations late, but this should fix the stuttering.
  • Improved controller navigation in advanced settings.
  • New weapon selection screen is under construction. Known issues: controller support is very flaky, most icons are entirely missing, only about half of the weapons have stats implemented so far.

  • CASW_Marine::GetMarineName() no longer leaks memory on every call and now properly translates the name.