Beta update – 10 Jun, 2022 @ 04:34 UTC

  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Disallow director on spawners that spawn aliens from air or metal floor.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Move some spawners so that spawned aliens aren’t stuck in clips.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Convert some nodes to marine hints, so that onslaught aliens aren’t stuck.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Fix visible spawn animations of drones climbing out of concrete floor.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Fix spam in console for missing unborrow activities for parasites and harvesters.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Cargo Elevator: Prevent harvesters appearing from air near marines.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Removed the mechanic of destroying the door panel which only confuses players and makes them locked with the queen and fail the mission.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Significantly reduced the chance the queen will be blocked by anything. Including barrels, sentries, aliens.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Allowed usage of sentries, but they will be destroyed by queen if players try to block her.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Added backpacks to dead on-map marines bodies.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Improved visuals for rotated camera.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Added soundscapes.

  • Disabled asw_instant_restart on challenges that use vscripting.
  • Added asw_instant_restart_debug to log the actions taken during an instant restart.
  • Added convar asw_marine_shadows, which can be disabled to remove shadows from marines and potentially boost frame rate.
  • Clicking a name on the F9 player list now opens their Steam profile in the overlay.
  • Added asw_client_chatter_rate (client) and asw_client_chatter_enabled (server) to limit the cl_chatter command. By default, it is limited to 1 voice line per second and the cl_chatter command is allowed.
  • Added a change mission button in the campaign transition screen.
  • Added a default player name color for spectators, and made player names team-colored in team deathmatch.
  • Added an inventory screen for equipping medals. The Swarmopedia will return in a new form as part of this rework, but is currently hidden from the main menu.