Beta update – 2 Nov, 2018 @ 00:28 UTC

Add rd_sentry_refilled_by_dismantling cvar
If set to 1 marine will refill sentry ammo by dismantling it.

Fix bot frags are not counted for co-op missions
This caused ammo to not spawn from aliens in challenges that used
the rd_spawn_ammo cvar

Fix white screen crash

Show yellow icon when player is speaking in Player List window
Also added rd_speaking_r, rd_speaking_g, rd_speaking_b ConVars to
allow players to set their own color for speaker icon

Add rd_ray_trace_distance convar
Can be modified by challenges or maps(using Convars.SetValue() vscript)
to increase the distance which can be targeted using grenade launcher.

Add VScript Function to spawn fire StartFire()
StartFire( Vector position, float duration, int flags )
Returns a handle to the created env_fire entity

Add ConVar rd_biomass_ignite_from_flares

Add rd_auto_kick_low_level_player for challenges ASBI, TIER 1 and 2

Fix difficulty in ASBI is lowered for 3 or less marines
asw_adjust_difficulty_by_number_of_marines 0 was applied after the mission start
but difficulty adjustment happens before this. This cvar was moved from
challenge_asbi.nut to asbi.txt

Add rd_auto_kick_high_ping_player convar
If not zero the value will be compared to players ping and player is kicked if the ping is higher than the value.

Add ability for each map to have its own background image for the loading screen
The window’s background image which is shown during map load can now be customized to
show a unique image per each map.
Added rd_loading_image_per_map cvar which can be used to turn this feature off.
By default it is set to 1 which means the feature is enabled.
This works for all maps, including community maps.
Example of files required for the custom loading image to work(for rd-til4area9800.bsp map):
Files with “_wide” suffix are meant for 16×9 aspect ratio resolutions.
Files without suffix are meant for 4×3 aspect ratio resolutions.
If custom material is missing a default material is used.

Fix uber drones are smaller when spawned from spawners
Uber drones default to 1.3 in size of regular drone.
asw_spawner, alien selection and vscript code can change the size of
asw_drone_uber by setting the Size Scale parameter.
It is no longer required for asw_spawner to manually set uber drone’s
Size Scale to 1.3.

Add Vietnamese translation for game UI by Tuan Long Nguyen