Speedruns & Leaderboards

A part of the game community is active in the speedrun scene.

What are ‘speedruns’?

Speedruns differ from traditional leaderboards. Where leaderboards are intended for friendly competition among friends, speedruns are formal time attacks, which require a good crew and often weeks to months of dedication to pull off.

The speedrun community is very dedicated, and usually, they play their games on private lobbies to avoid interruption. Sometimes they train to gain milliseconds of advantage over the competing teams.


Leaderboards are casual runs, designed to compare your time with your friends, they are not verified in any way.

Speedrun website

Speedruns are hosted on a website called Speedrun.

This speedrun website is not specifically used by the game, but rather by a lot of speedrunners around the world. Records there typically require video proof and are moderated before the record is shown.

Submitting a run

If you are interested in submitting a run, here are the general rules, to give you an idea of how this works.

Keep in mind, maps/campaigns might have additional rules, those are posted behind the ‘rules’ button on the map, respectively campaign.


If you have beaten a record, and are proud of it, you are allowed to create one forum thread on the Steam Discussions per crew, where you can showcase your times. The run needs to be recently approved. Please include a description of the record, a video link and a link to the speedrun record when doing so.