Currently in beta

Below list are the changes currently in beta, compared to the latest stable update.

Changes in beta are experiments. Most of the changes will find its way to a stable release, but this is not guaranteed. Beta allows us to test changes with a broader user base, to evaluate how certain changes are received. You can even earn a shiny in-game medal icon if you participate in a beta test.

Next to beta, there is also the release candidate branch.

  • Beta update – 8 Jan, 2023 @ 07:28 UTCBeta update - 8 Jan, 2023 @ 07:28 UTC
    Mapping Atmospheric report, stocks, and weather can now be controlled by keyvalues files. Mail and news can now optionally end with an image.
  • Beta update – 7 Jan, 2023 @ 05:04 UTCBeta update - 7 Jan, 2023 @ 05:04 UTC
    Slow motion now automatically increases cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate, which should hopefully help with some perceived lag. Added the new airlock model to the list of props that are always networked. Accident 32: Confined Facility: changed a grate to glass to improve visibility Accident ...
  • Beta update – 5 Jan, 2023 @ 02:02 UTCBeta update - 5 Jan, 2023 @ 02:02 UTC
    Added a convar, asw_flare_lifetime, for use in challenges. Custom ASBI director spawn weights for all official maps are now available.
  • Beta update – 4 Jan, 2023 @ 02:09 UTCBeta update - 4 Jan, 2023 @ 02:09 UTC
    Fixed an unexpectedly large ice rock collision model. Added lore entries for Boomer in the Swarmopedia.
  • Beta update – 3 Jan, 2023 @ 02:43 UTCBeta update - 3 Jan, 2023 @ 02:43 UTC
    Tweaked ASBI director spawn weights so that unique aliens for each map are preferred more. Currently supports Jacob’s Rest and the first mission of Paranoia, more coming later.
  • Beta update – 28 Dec, 2022 @ 03:37 UTCBeta update - 28 Dec, 2022 @ 03:37 UTC
    Fixed drones being able to attack again sooner than expected if a flinch animation was shorter than their remaining attack time. Fixed buzzers being ignored by first/third person aiming. Marine bots now avoid standing in fires and gas grenades. Improved the way marines ...
  • Beta update – 27 Dec, 2022 @ 05:37 UTCBeta update - 27 Dec, 2022 @ 05:37 UTC
    Misc Changed “Use Panel” to different text for many official missions where it wasn’t accurate. Marine bots avoid standing near or walking over alien explosive projectiles.
  • Beta update – 22 Dec, 2022 @ 02:40 UTCBeta update - 22 Dec, 2022 @ 02:40 UTC
    Misc Deathmatch maps now cycle automatically rather than returning to the mission chooser after each round. Deathmatch end-of-round music can now be overridden by the personal combat playlist. (Jukebox) Added closed captions for alien sounds, certain important sound effects, and the Deathmatch announcer.
  • Beta update – 20 Dec, 2022 @ 00:29 UTCBeta update - 20 Dec, 2022 @ 00:29 UTC
    Weapons Chainsaw: Bots now use this weapon from a more reasonable range. Misc Fixed the game instructor giving incorrect information about how to respawn in Deathmatch mode, and tidied up the prompts on the HUD. Mapping trigger_asw_button_area now has options for overriding UI hints with ...
  • Beta update – 16 Dec, 2022 @ 22:39 UTCBeta update - 16 Dec, 2022 @ 22:39 UTC
    Misc Fixed a case where missions marked as bonus or deathmatch by an admin would sometimes appear as campaigns while voting to change mission. Fixed a race condition that could cause the client to forget it’s on a deathmatch map after an ...

If you are interested in the history of all beta updates, you can view those in the beta archives section.