Currently in beta

Below list are the changes currently in beta, compared to the latest stable update.

Changes in beta are experiments. Most of the changes will find its way to a stable release, but this is not guaranteed. Beta allows us to test changes with a broader user base, to evaluate how certain changes are received. You can even earn a shiny in-game medal icon if you participate in a beta test.

Next to beta, there is also the release candidate branch.

  • Beta update – 7 Feb, 2023 @ 00:09 UTCBeta update - 7 Feb, 2023 @ 00:09 UTC
    Added info_marine_hint_dynamic, a tactical position for marines which may be moved during gameplay. Fixed loading screens being stretched on non-16:9 monitors. Adjusted the letterboxing for loading screens to pick up the color of the loading screen. Fixed grid UI going off the sides ...
  • Beta update – 6 Feb, 2023 @ 17:50 UTCBeta update - 6 Feb, 2023 @ 17:50 UTC
    Added mapper-placeable ammo packs for grenade launcher, sniper rifle, and heavy rifle. Added loading screens for Tilarus-5. Fixed an issue where server-triggered achievements like speedruns and outstanding execution were not sent reliably.
  • Beta update – 5 Feb, 2023 @ 08:51 UTCBeta update - 5 Feb, 2023 @ 08:51 UTC
    Added loading screens for Research 7 and Lana’s Escape. Configuration settings (such as per-marine loadouts) are saved at mission start. Hid the mission icon on loading screens by default when a custom loading screen is being used. Added the model for AR2 ammo.
  • Beta update – 4 Feb, 2023 @ 04:59 UTCBeta update - 4 Feb, 2023 @ 04:59 UTC
    Loading screens for missions in the Area 9800, Operation Cleansweep, Tears for Tarnor, Paranoia, Nam Humanum, BioGen Corporation, Accident 32 campaigns have been added, as well as loading screens for Deathmatch maps and Bonus Missions. Made adjustments to Accident 32 maps. Shamans ...
  • Beta update – 22 Jan, 2023 @ 02:40 UTCBeta update - 22 Jan, 2023 @ 02:40 UTC
    Simplified and removed duplicated code related to aliens. There were a few intentional changes to unify logic; please report any other changes you notice: Drones on minimum difficulty (Easy with fewer than 4 marines) have 16 max HP instead of 25. Shaman ...
  • Beta update – 20 Jan, 2023 @ 04:45 UTCBeta update - 20 Jan, 2023 @ 04:45 UTC
    Fixes for marines getting stuck in things and teleporting that went live in today’s hotfix are now in the beta branch. Updated bonus maps 2, 4, 5, and 7 to have briefing cameras. Fixed the nodegraph being partially connected through the door ...
  • Beta update – 16 Jan, 2023 @ 05:07 UTCBeta update - 16 Jan, 2023 @ 05:07 UTC
    Added Zombine.
  • Beta update – 13 Jan, 2023 @ 22:43 UTCBeta update - 13 Jan, 2023 @ 22:43 UTC
    Fixed grub kills contributing to achievements that weren’t intended, such as Smoking Barrels and Damage Amped. Drones that are on fire now move and attack slightly faster to partially compensate for their constant flinching. Added “Mission Recordings” to the main menu. (Follow-up ...
  • Beta update – 12 Jan, 2023 @ 22:57 UTCBeta update - 12 Jan, 2023 @ 22:57 UTC
    A work-in-progress demo list UI has been added (access via rd_auto_record_ui). Automatically managing recording missions is working, as is deleting and watching demos, but renaming is not yet implemented. When recording a demo using the new auto record feature, the server will ...
  • Beta update – 10 Jan, 2023 @ 00:05 UTCBeta update - 10 Jan, 2023 @ 00:05 UTC
    Added a new convar, rd_auto_record_lobbies, which will automatically manage demo recording and delete old demos when there are more than the configured amount. Fixed some menu items having the wrong state when starting a map using the map command, such as ...

If you are interested in the history of all beta updates, you can view those in the beta archives section.