Game Bans / Anti Cheat

I am getting this message

“You have been banned by anti cheat”
“You have been VAC banned

“Kicked by console:”
“Kicked by console: violation of EULA”
“Kicked by console: <reason>”

What is anti cheat?

Anti cheat, or VAC in general, is a way to ensure public games are kept clean from cheating. Any modification to game client libraries or external programs that modify the memory of the game might trigger this.

I thought only Valve games are using VAC?

That is partially true. Valve allows game developers to implement anti cheat and connect it to VAC. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop started the development of this years ago and has recently finalized this feature.

I have been banned by VAC / anticheat

You might read this page, because you have been removed by anti cheat. There are three categories of bans:

  • Short duration; These are typically issued by detections, are local and expire quickly;
  • Medium duration; These are issued if you keep cheating after the first violation, or if you violated the Steam Conduct or EULA;
  • Permanent; These are issued on repeated offenses, or instantly if you run pirated or cheat modified executables of the game. This ban is permanent.

What to do now?

First, don’t panic. On the first violation, all bans except pirated or modified executables are temporary. Just make sure you read this page from Valve and don’t violate anything mentioned there. We highly recommend you verify the game cache to remove any modification to the game and close any third party cheat utilities, this includes files that you copied over manually, maybe even from friends.

Depending on the type of violation, the ban will remove itself within the hour. However, if you keep being detected, or use alternate accounts to avoid detection, there might be a chance that the ban and proof is distributed to Valve’s global ban list. If this happens, you will see this on your Steam profile:

Above message will be public visible for anyone, plus, you won’t be able to connect to public games from that moment with the message: “You have been VAC banned”. This affects not only the server you played on, but all servers and lobbies. Above situation is permanent.

We don’t communicate any details of bans. We do store, and if needed, forward the proof to Valve.

If you think, you have been banned by accident, you can open a case using the feedback system.